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German Slaughterhouse

In this page, other rule pages and generally within German Slaugterhouse (includes, but not limited to the website, the game servers, irc channel), several terms reffering to the same identity are used:

  • we (us, our)
  • the administration
  • the admins
  • German Slaughterhouse
  • the staff

German Slaughterhouse Services

A German Slaughterhouse service is an entity that German Slaughterhouse offers for it's users, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • This wiki
  • Game Servers
  • Team Speak3 Server
  • IRC Channel
  • This Website and other pages running on the domains and

In further use, it also may be refered to as:

  • Services
  • GS Services


Generally content is considered any form of submitted or transfered data to German Slaugtherhouse.

Specifically content is considered, but not limited to:

  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Forum posts or messages
  • Messages on the German Slaughterhouse Services
  • Any file uploaded to the
  • Any kind of voice communication though the German Slaughterhouse Services
  • Maps
  • Any kind of message or suggestion submitted to the staff (i.e. though E-Mail or forum)

General Agreement

By using any Services offered by German Slaughterhouse you automatically agree to these Terms of Use as well as other rules that may apply. Furthermore, you agree to any 3rd party terms of use/service or rules that are related to our services.

General Terms:

  • You may not do any claims to the availability, delivery, functionality, or damages caused directly or indirectly by the use or not use of our services.
  • We reserve the right to change change the terms of use or rules at any given time
  • We reserve the right to exclude a user from our services at any given time for any reason
  • We do not have to provide a reason for any of our services
  • We do not have to inform users about any changes involving our services or terms of use
  • You are solely held responsible for your actions within our services


Whilst we try to carefully check every area of our services it is not possible to keep track of everything. As such, we can not be hold responsible for content provided users or by another third party. Furthermore, this means that we can not warrent the accuracy, completeness, usefulness or vaildity of any information published within our services.

If you have any issues, especially legal issues, contact a staff member first.

General Rules

  • You are obligated to know the rules and keep your knowledge up-to-date
  • Rules are subject to change any time


Any content published within German Slaugherhouse Services has to abide by the following rules:

  • No adult or mature content; this includes, but is not limied to:
    • pronographic content
    • excessive violence
  • No offensive content; this includes, but is not limited to:
    • Insulting, obscene, profane, vulgar or otherwise offensive language
    • Harrasment and/or threatening of people or otherwise hateful bahaviour
    • Invasive of a members privacy
    • Attacking users for their religion, beliefs, age, look, disabilities or anything else
  • No spamming
  • No advertising:
    • Neither commerical or non-commercial advertising is allowed
    • Exceptions can be made at the disrection of the administration
  • No copyrighted material unless you have the permission

Violation of Rules and/or Terms

The administration can take action if the rules are violated, this includes, but is not limited to:

  • Temporary exclusion from a part of or all German Slaugherhouse Services
  • Permanent exlcusion from a part of or all German Slaugherhouse Services
  • Legal action against the offender

Any incident that is not covered by the rules will be at the discretion of the staff member handing the incident.

We also reserve the right to handle each case of infraction invidually, as such, the rules are not considered absolute and the serveity of action take will depend on the case.

Dispute with staff members

Generally, a dispute with staff members is not to be handled in public. Please try to contact a higher instance or sort it out with the staff member directly (either though E-Mail, Private Message or other methods)


German Slaughterhouse gathers data about the users of their services this includes but is not limited to IP Adresses, Chatlogs, actions done on the website and/or server. You agree that we have the right to:

  • Give data to the respective authorities if requested
  • Publish logged data if deemed necessary by German Slaughterhouse


Content published by German Slaughterhouse

You may not copy any content published on our services without prior written consent. Everything published on our website or servers is generally (C) German Slaughterhouse and/or (C) respective authors/owners.

Content published by users

You agree that we have the irrevokable right to use any content submitted to us in any form we wish to use.

The rights include, but are not limited to:

  • reproduce and copy the content
  • modify the content and create derivative works form
  • distribute, transmit, broad cast and otherwise communicate the content
  • publicly display the content
  • use the content
  • use the content as part of German Slaughterhouse services
  • use it for commerical purposes regarding German Slaughterhouse

Final Notes

These rules are (C) [#OMEGA] - K2 and may not be copied without prior written consent. Please get in touch if you want to do so.