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General Server Rules

Terms Of Use apply.

Furthermore, following rules apply:

  • No cheating (more info)
  • No exploiting or bug abusage (more info)
  • No griefing (more info)
  • No racist, homophobic or otherwise hateful behavior
  • No spamming (more info)
  • No advertising
  • No pretending to be afk
  • No (admin) impersonating (more info)
  • No afking (go spec if you want to be afk)
  • No offensive or mature sprays
  • No ranking farming (more info)
  • No discussions about any server admin actions (more info)
  • Listen and be respectful to the admins at all times

Specific Server Rules


  • No spawn camping


  • No winning team joining
  • No level farming (more info)

Natural Selection 2

  • No rookie coms if a better/experienced com is present

Rule Clarifaction


Griefing is any action that purposefully hinders your team. Examples:

  • Blocking teammates
  • Flashing teammates
  • Attacking or killing teammates on purpose
  • Using map "features" to kill teammates (such as damage-inflicting doors, pools of posion/radio active waste, etc.)
  • Suiciding on purpose
  • Willingly hepling the other team
    • Ghosting - i.e. telling the other team where people or structures are
    • Not shooting each other or be "friendly"
    • (ZombieMod) "Friendly Zombies"
  • (ZombieMod) Destroying barricades


Exploiting is considered the act of trying to abuse game machanics or bugs to achieve unwanted things.


  • Trying to build or go into places where you usually can't or are not supposed to
  • Using bugs ingame to gain an unfair advantage
  • The attempt do endanger server consistency (forcing players to disconnect or server to crash)
  • Abusing server features such as voteban or votekick to remove players for no valid reason from the game


Cheating is considered the act of gaining an unfair advantage over other players by using altered game content or external programs.


  • Speedhacks
  • Wallhacks (as well as so called "Texture Hacks")
  • Aimbots
  • No-Recoil or No-Spread
  • Spinbots
  • Bunny Hop
  • ESP
  • Trigger Bots & Auto Attacking
  • (Left 4 Dead) Melee Hack (auto-melee)
  • (Left 4 Dead) Infected Hack (being able to see infected ghosts)


Spamming is considered the attempt to overflow other players or the server and in general the act to repeitively do actions with the intended to affect the experience of other users


  • Spamming radio commands not serving a purpose
  • Playing music or random sounds over voice chat
  • Spamming chat
  • Spamming name changes
  • Spamming connection attempts
  • Spamming weapons


  • Changing your name to the name of another player
  • Telling everyone you would be admin even though you are not admin

Rank Farming

Generally, any kind of play that differs from the regular game play from the specific server in order to increase your points.


  • Using any kinds of exploits to gain points quickly
  • Working together with some else in order to farm points
  • Trying to stack teams / to join the winning team in order to preserve the own points
  • Excessive switching to spec / leaving the server to preserve death radtio

Discussion About Server Admin Actions


  • Asking to have certain players unbanned
  • Asking for kick reasons (the reason can be found in the disconnect message)
  • Asking for ban reasons (Ban reasons can be found on Sourcebans)
  • Arguing with admins about actions such as kicks, bans, teamswaps, mapchanges, custom votes, etc.

Level Farming

Generally, any kind of play that differs from the regular game play from the specific server in order to increase your level / experience points.


  • Using any kinds of exploits to gain levels quickly
  • Working togehter with some else in order to farm levels (especially not killing each other)

Final Notes

These rules are (C) [#OMEGA] - K2 and may not be copied without prior written consent. Please get in touch if you want to do so.