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General Rules

Terms Of Use apply.

Moral Order

  • Refrain from using abusive language in your posts, keep them civil at all time
  • Do not discuss any illegal topics (i.e. how to do drugs, links to websites with illegal instructions)
  • If you are in disagreement with other persons or groups in the forum, try to bring up that issue to an moderator or sort it out individually (i.e. though private messages)


  • Posts should have sense and meaningful content. If you don't have anything useful to contribute, then don't
  • Keep posts related to the topic; if a thread goes off-topic consider creating a new one (or ask a moderator to split the topic)
  • Write in proper sentences and English (or German in German boards)
  • You can express your oppinion freely, however, only as long you're civil about it and not breaking any rules
  • Do not use pictures in your posts unless it contribues to the topic (No excessive use of memes!)


  • Post in an existing thread if possible (use "Search")
  • Use a clear headline stating the topic you're trying to address cleary, avoid unnecessary information or phrases in the head line. See a list of what NOT to do below:
    • Unneccesary phrases: "I would like to...", "Can I ..."
    • Inconclusive topic titles: "Help!" "Question?" "Fix please"
    • Unnecessary capitalization: "HI IM NEW TO THIS FORUM"
  • Do not repost locked or deleted threads unless you have a good reason to. Reposts are allowed if the original topic is older then 3 months and if it was not locked due to rule infrigment

Mod Activities

  • Mods are supervising the forum and should provide a valid reason if they take an action, however, they are free not to provide one if the case is obvious
  • Follow directions and orders by mods; if you are in a dispute, admins will have the final say
  • Disruptive behaviour can be reported to Mods
  • Issues with moderators are to be taken to a higher instance, i.e Global Moderators or Admins.


  • Avatars will not be checked for copyright violations manually. Please make sure your avatar does violete any copyrights prior to uploading
  • Avatars must not contain unnecessary distracting or illegal content (Warning: Swastika or Hakenkreuz, or any other Nazi-related content is strictly forbidden)


  • Keep them short and simple
  • Do not overload them with large pictures or distracting text; such signatures may be removed
  • General rules apply as well


  • Posting attachments is a priviledge, and is only granted to some users.
  • Any abuse code is strictly forbidden (trojans, viruses)
  • Make sure you are allowed to post the attachment and respect copy rights (don't post illegal software)

Final Notes

These rules are (C) [#OMEGA] - K2 and may not be copied without prior written consent. Please get in touch if you want to do so.